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A vehicle undergoing trialsBTAC is an independent organisation of professional transport operators and engineers sharing best practice and seeking facts to improve road transport knowledge. BTAC members give their time voluntarily and offer their vast experience for the benefit of members.

BTAC technical trials are referred to by other organisations as authoritative information and the recent Long and Heavy Vehicle investigations are just one example whereby Government-led consultants and trade bodies have used BTAC exacting trials for reference. Some BTAC members are specialists in the use of vehicle telematics and this subject is currently one in which BTAC is focusing.

BTAC and its small band of enthusiastic members with wide ranging knowledge now use innovation and vehicle communication systems, road transport legislation, vehicle specifications and technology to help the road transport industry. Neither time, nor BTAC, will stand still. BTAC aims to use best practice to advance the field of distribution efficiency and cost effectiveness. We collaborate with the SOE, FTA, and other leading organizations in the road transport sector to support efficient road transport.

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